Executive Sous Chef

Erin Swanson grew up in Gurnee, Illinois, and knew from a young age that she had a passion for cooking. The inspiration of female chefs like Julia Child, Susan Spicer and Gale Gand fueled her drive, while food-centric family vacations expanded her palate. After graduating with a Culinary Degree from Kendall College, Erin worked in kitchens in Aspen and Florida, and for Chef Rick Tramonto in Chicago. When Chef Tramonto decided to open Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans, he asked Erin to become the Executive Pastry Chef and she jumped at the chance.

New Orleans had always held a special place in Erin’s heart, and when she entered the local food scene the city embraced her back. Her desserts received rave reviews and in 2014 she was named an Emerging Chef in Gambit’s Chef Challenge, the first pastry chef to ever be nominated for the award.

In 2016 Chris Lusk, who had been Chef de Cuisine at R’evolution, approached Erin with the opportunity to work with with him again for Our House Hospitality. Erin is now the Executive Sous for Chef Chris at the Pontchartrain Hotel, where she also helms the pastry department. The hotel, originally opened in 1927 and wildly popular up through the 1980s, occupies a special piece of New Orleans history, in no small part due to the Caribbean Room, where generations of locals would mark special occasions. In her role as Executive Sous, Chef Erin has been able to flex her creativity, putting new twists on classic dishes, and helping to develop a dessert menu that the current generation of New Orleanians will be able to celebrate over.