General Manager

Tony Abadie was born and raised in New Orleans, and began his career in hospitality as a boy, working in the family restaurant alongside his father and grandfather. Though he studied engineering in college, his roots in the food industry were too strong to ignore, and his outgoing personality compelled him to return to the restaurant floor.  In 1982 he accepted a position at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside as a Food & Beverage Manager, escalating through the company to become the Director of Catering and Events.  In his more than 30 years at the Hilton, Tony dedicated himself to the hospitality service of New Orleans, becoming a well-known personality in his vibrant home city.

In early 2016 Tony decided to give retirement a try… a decision that held for a whopping 22 days.  In April of that year Tony joined Our House Hospitality to launch the food and beverage spaces in the Pontchartrain Hotel. As the General Manager, Tony brings his unique experience and talents to the hotel, swapping stories with guests who knew the Caribbean Room of old, while welcoming in a new generation of New Orleans diners.

Unsurprisingly, Tony is involved with many organizations that work towards the betterment the local service industry and community.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Louisiana Restaurant Association, and served as Past State Chairman for 2015.  Additionally, he is Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, a non-profit started after Hurricane Katrina that specifically focuses on providing aid to members of the Hospitality Industry.